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| Le ilehe illAllah Muhammedurrasulullah |

| There is no god but Allah is unique and Muhammad is the Messenger and Prophet of Allah. |

| How happy is the one who says, I am Turkish ! |

No Fear Only Turkish Moslem Hackers - No Damage given to your site. Low Security. Please patch your system.

Freedom for Palestine ~ Freedom for Egypt ~ Freedom for East Turkistan

Hacking is not a crime and sin, it is just to show your website vulnerability !!!

Long live Moslems and Turkey forever hoooraaaayyyy !!!

Euzubillehiminesseydanirracim ( I take cover from Satans malignity to Allah )

Bismillahirrahmenirrahim (In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful)

!!! One Turk Against the World !!!

The Time came that we must to prevent the oppression of the oppressors !

You have to obey Turkish Nation and believe to Islam Religion !!!

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